Industrial Heat Treat Afterburner

Lindberg/MPH afterburners are used in a wide variety of applications to thermally oxide exhaust effluents. In most processes, after-burning of the exhaust is often sufficient to meet local environmental emission regulations. These units feature Moldatherm lightweight insulation and efficient burners for low cost operation.


  • Indoor or outdoor operation
  • Fast response, low energy consumption
  • More efficient combustion of a variety of emission gases
  • Designed to comply with current environmental regulations
  • Easy to operate from a remote location


  • Self-contained 
  • Pre-piped
  • Wired with removable wall-mounted control panel
  • Includes flame relay, excess temperature cutoff, lights, and timer features
  • Interlock
  • Gas-tight shell
  • Ceramic fiber block insulation
  • Adjustable temperature controls
  • Adjustable air injector


  • Allows operation from 600°F to 2000°F