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            1. COVID-19 UPDATE: Lindberg/MPH has been designated an essential business as Critical Manufacturing which requires us to stay open and support critical infrastructure. We are serving customers with a combination of a remote work force and essential on-site employees for manufacturing and service operations. We have implemented strict COVID-19 procedures to ensure the health and safety of all. Please contact us with any questions.

              The Heat is on with 必威电子竞技俱乐部



              • More than 40 Furnaces
              • Custom Manufacturing Applications
              • Efficient and Economical Solutions
              • Uniformity and Reliability



              New Image

              Non-Ferrous Melting & Holding Furnaces

              • Solutions for Aluminum and Zinc
              • Versatile and Economical Designs
              • Robust Construction Minimizes Downtime
              • Minimal Heat and Energy Loss



              1700 Large Chamber Box Furnace

              Light Industrial Furnaces

              • Available in nine chamber sizes to meet demanding applications
              • Insulation and heating elements maintain uniform heat distribution
              • Energy efficient design




              Hot Stamp Furnaces

              • A solution for CAFE Standards
              • Modern Touchscreen Controls
              • End-to-End System
              • Integrates with Advanced Robotics



              Parts and Service Image

              Parts & Service

              • Controller Calibrations and Upgrades
              • On-site Training
              • AMS2750E TUS Surveys
              • SCADA Systems



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